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11 February, 2010
Manchester Born Artist and Mallorcan Resident Nikki Jones Debuts in Palma

L’Espai, with the collaboration of Gloria Events, Comodo&Co and Hermes Comunicación, will host from 11 February thru 8 March, the attractive and colourful exhibition “Crocodile Dreams” by Manchester born artist and Mallorcan resident Nikki Jones. The exhibit will be inaugurated with a toast on Thursday 11 February, at 8pm. Jones will be joined by friends and invited guests for her debut exhibition in Palma.

Nikki Jones’ “Crocodile Dreams” is a result of a newly found calling for this former school teacher and mother of a teenage girl, who has found a way to express the deep rooted feelings that were patiently waiting to emerge through her colour-rich paintings, which she regards as “spiritual uplifters”, heighten by her brightened palate, her fresh outlook of life and the strong renaissance influence received during her schooling in Florence.
“I am influenced by colour and textures and the fact that colour is a strong force in the Mediterranean”, explains Jones. “Thus I like to mix all those elements into my paintings to make them dynamic and easy to the eyes, that could easily fit in any type of home”, she adds.                                                                                                     

“Crocodile Dreams” appears in the midst of a period of change in the artists’ life, as “painting is a therapeutic process for me”, says Nikki Jones. “When I paint it makes me feel very calm and part of me goes in the picture”, she explains.  “I never expected this to happen in my life. It just did. It was there simmering below the surface and it just came out”, she adds.                                                                                                    
Though the muses recently sparked her dormant talents, Nikki Jones was surrounded by creative souls while growing up in Manchester.  Her mother was a fashion designer and her father was an architect and she did have a go at fine arts by studying it in Florence, but she finally decided to pursue a teaching career, which she has done in the UK, Spain and Dubai, exposing her to different realities, breeding ground for artistic expression.
“Painting gives me freedom. I come away feeling lighter”, she says. “What I really like about painting is that you get a finish product, even though it may have not turned out to be as you saw it in your mind, because a painting evolves as it is being done”, she states. Nikki Jones paints on different mediums like canvas and walls.  “When I paint on an actual wall, I try to bring what’s missing into a room, to give it a fresh a complete look.  Next month, for example, I’m going to paint a children’s room at a nursery, and I am going to create a scene from traditional rhyme”, she adds.
“I look forward to a successful exhibit”, says Jennifer Warren-Gash, L’Espai’s event coordinator. “Crocodile Dreams is bound to draw a good crowd while Nikki Jones is busy undertaking commissions and creating a new collection”, she explains.                                                                                                                                     

Photo Captions

  • 1.Machester born artist Nikki Jones will make her Palma debut at L'Espai.

  • 2. Poppies by Nikki Jones. Mixed media on canvas.

  • 3. Mediterráneo by Nikki Jones. Mixed media on canvas

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