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5 May, 2010
“Creation One” and “Bios Systems” and “Sculpture Garden”
are the inaugural exhibits

The new art space PALMYRA SCULPTURE CENTRE opens its doors with a reception and the inauguration of three exhibits on Friday, 7 May, from 18 to 22h, at Carrer Pomar, 4-3 in Establiments.  The exhibit will open every weekend through 20 June, 16.00 – 20.00h or by appointment. Tel.: 600 962 955 –

Creation One” and “Bios Systems” by artist in residence Katharina Pfiel and “Sculpture Garden” by nine participating artists are the inaugural collections PALMYRA SCULPTURE CENTRE hosts.  Liesbeth Bijwaard,  Marianne van den Heuvel, Marie-José Hoeboer, Antoinette Leroy,  Martín Mas,  Katharina Pfiel,  Tomeu Simonet y Karien Vervoort are the artists whose works are being showcased in “Sculpture Garden”

The objective of PALMYRA SCULPTURE CENTRE is to provide a dedicated space for sculptors from all over the world and to give them the opportunity to create, interact and develop their potential to the fullest. “The centre will become a reference point for many artists, as it will provide an adecuate place for them to cultivate the creative process”, explained Ien van Wierst, PALMYRA SCULPTURE CENTRE’S founder.

Artist in Residence Katharina Pfiel is the first artist to  have worked in the centre for an extended period of time, having been able to create and develop her work further in this wonderful and inspiring studio. The result is the exhibition CREATION ONE, a natural follow-up from her earlier work BIOS and SYSTEMS.

The space has inspired her to enlarge her creations and to take them beyond merely physical boundaries. Envisaging the MOTHER VESSEL landing in the Sahara Desert or crossing the Atlantic to New York; challenging the audience to interact and to rethink the possibilities of today’s society. She has taken a giant step forward by letting go of the materialistic aspect of her art and concentrating on the concept and ideology underlying her project.

Meanwhile, the exhibit “Sculptures Garden” was born in the centre with works created on site by visiting artists, who were introduced to the concept by Katharina Pfiel, who hopes many other showcases will be conceived in the same way.  Liesbeth Bijwaard and Ien van Wierst are the curators of this exhibit.


The Palmyra Sculpture Centre Foundation is a foundation established under Dutch law and founded by Ien van Wierst, whose passion for sculpture and sculpting is the driving force of the Foundation. Co-founders Marisse Knegtmans (graphic designer) and Brenda Ooteman (lawyer and yogini) help support and sustain the project.

The Name

The name Palmyra was chosen as a symbol of strength fired by female energy. The city of Palmyra in Syria dates back to 2000 years BC and, after a turbulent history of invasions and expansion, had become a mighty empire under the rule of queen Zenobia in the third century AD. This strong, highly cultivated historical figure, renowned for her power, beauty and wisdom, has been celebrated over the centuries in literature, operas and plays. In light of the history of Mallorca, itself with elements from the near east, and the female energy powering the creation of the centre, we feel Palmyra as a name expresses and encapsulates the core spirit of this project.

Friends of the Foundation

A fairly modest capital has been provided by founder Ien van Wierst to get the Foundation up-and-running and achieve its goals. However, we feel it is  important to create a platform of artists and art-lovers to support and sustain Palmyra Sculpture Centre.

Participating artists have donated works to Palmyra Sculpture Centre, that have been reproduced on high quality water color paper. Every print is signed and numbered by each respective artist.

Palmyra Sculpture Centre invites the general public to support the centre by becoming a friend of the Centre. Those who join will receive a print - numbered and signed by the artist. A  limited edition print on high quality water color paper from one of the participating sculptors are also available for sale when visiting the centre or through our webpage

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